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Maintenance Services


Stanton Belting Ltd offer a fast, reliable and efficient service to suit you're needs as a customer. We understand the problems that can occur in manufacturing plants and factories when it comes to conveyor belting. Therefore, we provide a fast response 24/7 call out service to react to any problems or break down situations, and have suitable 'quick fixes' that can be arranged to get you, as a customer, up and running until a more suitable time to allow a more permanent solution.

We offer a wide range of materials, as shown under the Belts page, to suit a wide range of applications. We also provide a range of application-driven surface materials and structure, in several industry suitable colours (where available), to suit a broad range of application requirements. These can include anything from resistance, to wear or chemical agents, and to high or low temperatures.

We have access to a variety of standard belting in slab form (full rolls) to enable us to react to your requirements or breakdown needs. This access allows quick response and, through our delivery service, rapid delivery times.

Our 'quick fix' options have been tried and tested, and are simply to keep manufacture running until down time, at which point a permanent solution can be achieved.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to respond and advise you towards a solution for your needs.